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* flooded basement *broken pipes * back ups* sump pump failure. A Water Restoration Service

If you want fast drying you need to call Floods be Gone! We don't use the old dehumidifier system. We use Directed Heat Drying system, which is a more efficient and faster-drying method. At Floods be Gone we have state of the art equipment that speeds up drying time, and that saves you money and time. If you want to dry structures faster; consider using energy (heat) to your drying process.    




Faster Drying Reduces Cost :
Mitigating a water loss costs a fraction of the cost of replacing expensive structural materials like carpet, walls, insulation, flooring, cabinets, etc.
Faster Drying Prevents Secondary Damage :
If not mitigated quickly and thoroughly, water losses will continue to get worse, a condition known as secondary damage. The most important secondary damage is mold growth with its attendant health hazards and increased liability for property owners
Faster Drying Means Happier  Home Owner & Business Owner :

A loss is a traumatic and often a once in a lifetime event. It is highly disruptive and results in a wide variety of negative experiences and emotions. Whether the insured is a home owner or a business owner, everyone wants to get life back to normal as quickly as possible

Faster Drying Closes Claims Files Faster :

Overloaded adjusters want to close claim files as fast as possible. By drying faster, less replacement is required, (replacement which can prolong the job for days, weeks and even months!) By drying faster, policyholders are back to normal in the shortest possible time and claim files are closed!







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